Ulrich Laaser, Professor Dr. med., D.T.M. & H., M.P.H.

Born 1941 in Königswusterhausen near Berlin.

Ulrich LaaserHead (since 1998), Section of International Public Health at the Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Pu­blic Health, University of Bielefeld. Principal investigator of the Stability Pact Project on Public Health Training and Research in South Eastern Europe (2000-2010). Visiting professor at the School of Public Health in Belgrade, honorary professor in Sofia and Tirana. Member of the executive boards of the World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA, president 2010-2012), of the Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER, president 1993-1995), and of the German Association for Health Sciences and Public Health (since 1997, president 1997-2001). Member of the Honour’s Committee of ASPHER and chair of the Advisory Board of the WFPHA (since 2015). Co-editor of the book series on International Public Health, Hans Jacobs Editing Company, Lage, Germany; co-editor of the South Eastern European Journal of Public Health ( Degrees 1970 from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of  Public Health, Baltimore, USA (Master of Public Health) and 1969 from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (Diploma of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene). For the last decade various public health projects in South Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Near East and in the Pacific Region.

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